Software Development

We are dedicated to providing tools that producers can actually use in their office...or the salebarn.

Our Passion

One of our primary objectives is to teach our clients to embrace and utilize the newest technologies that enhance their quaility of life. We have experience in developing useful tech tools for our clients. The next frontier for Apex Technology is apps that producers use in the palm of their hands. This is the evolution of our software tools we have produced for our clients for many years.

Current Offering

corn product evaluator

An easy to use app that uses current corn costs and estimate of crop yield to predict harvest tonnage, grain and energy density, and suggested pricing of many corn-based crops like silage, earlage, high moisture corn, etc..

apex beef projection

A great tool for cattle owners, feeders, and managers. Finally a flexible cost of gain calculator that is as detailed as you need in the field to make decisions on cattle purchasing and sales.

Coming Soon

An exciting new project is underway and should be available soon.